1. First eye the spot on which to place your foot on the wall, waist height is good.

2. Get a fair amount of distance away from your wall. What you feel is necessary, but try to be as close as possible–enough so you can gather speed and momentum to run up the wall.

3. Start running moderately fast, increase speed as your getting close to the wall.
Jump and put the ball of your comfortable foot on the wall where you eyed it, and at the same time thrust your other leg up hard; in a bike riding way to gain up momentum.
4. Swing your arms and shoulders up to get more up momentum while pushing up.


5. Reach, and reach good, as high as you can up and grab an edge.
6. Pull yourself up and keep pulling up like on a rock climbing wall, or if possible, simply grab the top and pull yourself up. Remember to get your leg up and then you’re good.
7. Continue on your adventure.