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coach zach

Coach Zach

Recreational activity is one of the most important things in my life. Around Kelowna you can catch me taking part in all sorts of activities such as rock climbing, disc golf, and beach volleyball. The opportunity to have a place where you can get some exercise, challenge yourself and have fun social interaction, is beneficial in so many ways. I am so happy I can share my love for these things with my students at Ambition Parkour and Ninja Fitness Academy. Coaching has always been something that has drawn me. Working with students to develop a new skill, or beat a tough challenge is something I look forward to everyday, it keeps me motivated to provide the best class I can for my students. Parkour and Ninja are amazing sports for students as it promotes great physical literacy, confidence, overall strength and is just straight up FUN. If you don’t end up in one of my classes, don’t worry! We have an amazing team of coaches for both Parkour and Ninja that are ready to take you through a great class. Can’t wait to see you going for it in our gym! Cheers!

coach ivan

Coach Ivan

I was born with parkour in my soul but discovered it just at age 16. For me parkour is an art, the more tricks you have the more colour as an artist you can use to create something beautiful. Also I look at the physical part of this activity. Parkour and freerunning could help you to understand your body and get a better connection with your feelings and mind.  For me parkour is not only an art or a sport, it’s a philosophy of the live. No barriers that can stop you, this is just an obstacle on your way to your goal. Life could be hard but you have to find the way to get over problems which standing on your way. It could be a step back to get a run up and climb up or just step side and find the open door. Try to be smart to get over the obstacle or maybe walk around it. Only if you don’t do any action you will not improve yourself, if you fail it’s also a lesson .
Also I am Russian – Canadian.
So be ready for hard training with me🤟😂.

coach mya

Coach Mya

I started parkour a couple of years ago and it was a great place for me to be creative and escape other parts of my life. Being able to express myself through movement and tricks is one of the best parts along with the community that gets created. I got to see a community form when I became a coach. I love to see kids having fun and learning new skills while growing as a person and making new friends. I believe it’s essential for kids to be able to express themselves while having fun with their peers and most of all staying safe. It is important that everyone feels safe and leaves without any injuries and with a smile on their face. Being the only female ninja/parkour coach, I want to bring more girls into this sport and encourage all kids to step outside of their comfort zone.

coach aj

Coach AJ

I was born and raised in The Bahamas for 18 years of my life. Since then I have lived in two different countries (The United States of America & Canada) and have enjoyed experiencing what the world has to offer. When I was younger I always practiced parkour/ninja without even knowing entirely what it was. In the Bahamas there are very few places to practice these sports safely, so we always just did our flips and skills on grass. I like to consider myself a traveller and someone who enjoys experiencing new perspectives and opportunities. I take pride in enhancing my athlete’s abilities as well as their moral values. A fun fact about myself is that I love to play video games in my spare time.

coach vitor

Coach Vitor

I am from Brazil and I started Parkour when I was 14 years old. Since then, this practice has completely changed my life. Parkour for me is linked to values such as altruism, focus and responsibility. Parkour taught me how to adapt to the environment quickly and efficiently; this practice has given me tools to deal with difficult situations and has saved my life a few times.

Human beings have always been challenged to move around the environment using bodily techniques in order to overcome physical barriers to reach new limits. Parkour in this sense offered me a new way of seeing the world and people. I have dedicated my life to teaching people the art of movement, and it has been rewarding. If at any point in your life you feel you should move more, then it’s time to start practicing Parkour at Ambition Parkour.

Coach Riley

I’ve lived in the Okanagan my whole life, and I’ve tried a handful of sports. When I was really young, I tried soccer, Kung Fu, and basketball, but I didn’t really love any of them until I tried Parkour at the age of 9. I was apprehensive about it at first, but I made friends like coach Dylan that helped and pushed me to get better at parkour. I was able to  become good enough to make the Ambition Parkour Team about  two years before COVID, after that I started coaching. I have really liked parkour because of the confidence that it gave me in my physical abilities, and the strength it gave me just by acquiring skills. Outside of parkour I enjoy playing video games, spending time with family and friends, studying and talking about fashion and cars (separately of course), and praising God. After I finish high school, I plan on going to Okanagan College to become a Mechanical Engineer Technologist.