The Coaches

Get To Know Your Coaches

Ivan Gorbenko

Parkour Head Coach/ Parkour Program & Skill Development Manager

I started parkour because of its philosophy: “there are no barriers, there are only obstacles.” This really sunk into me. You could have physical or mental problems in your life but what you need to remember is- this is just an obstacle. If you can push yourself hard in training and get over an obstacle, you will be able to solve any problem in your life. Parkour is a type of freedom and fun for me. You can always find yourself and keep improving in this discipline because it is very broad.


Assistant Parkour Coach

I remember staying up all night watching these people climb buildings and cranes online and always wanted to do it. I wanted a sport where I can use my creativity and do it anywhere, instead of being confined to one place. I always found that parkour allows you to have your own style instead of being judged for doing it wrong. After bugging my mom I finally signed up for classes then made my way up to a coach. I continue to do parkour because there is a lot to learn and it can never be mastered.

Bruce Elwood

The Owner 

We wanted to communicate a message that we were different than many parkour clubs. Our focus was on our student’s overall development – physical, emotional and social maturation. We wanted to build a positive engaging environment for athletes & kids to thrive. Additionally, we wanted to help all our students (kids included) see the lifelong benefit from parkour training.